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  • How to buy a good selfie stick?

    2019-10-23 05:24:45 Source:源德盛 Edit:源德盛 Read:

    If selfies have become a habit, you should consider buying a selfie stick...

    Compared with casio selfie artifact, SLR and micro selfie tools, the selfie stick is highly cost-effective and can play the role of mobile phones. It is light and portable and has many advantages.

    Selfie sticks can be divided into two types according to different connection methods. The other is a headphone audio cable that connects to the phone and controls selfies. The two selfie sticks have their own advantages, and it's hard to tell which one is the best. Bluetooth connection, connection process slightly slow, need to charge, but win in wireless; Audio cable, plug and play, unfortunately looks low.

    What many people don't know is that the selfie stick works in a very simple way. On an iPhone or android phone, the volume button ACTS as a photo button. Simply put, the bluetooth connected selfie stick is equivalent to a bluetooth headset that cannot make any sound. The photo button on the selfie stick is equivalent to the volume button of the headset, controlling the phone to complete taking photos. The same is true of a selfie stick connected to an audio cable, except it's more like a noiseless, wired headset.

    How to buy a good selfie stick?

    As mentioned above, selfie sticks are relatively low-tech, so we don't care about the brand. Besides being light and good-looking, you should pay more attention to workmanship and quality when buying.

    Workmanship, mainly depends on what kind of material is used for the handle of selfie stick, some use leather, some use metal, some use plastic, according to preferences and needs to choose

    Quality determines the service life of selfie sticks. There are generally several criteria:

    1. Telescopic tube. Telescopic tube is very important. A good telescopic tube is moderately damped.

    2. Audio cables. If the audio cables are broken, pay special attention to the quality of the cables.

    Battery life determines the selfie experience. Try to choose a selfie stick with high battery life. The normal life of this selfie stick is 20 hours.